27/52 AKA an awful week!

This was not a happy Tuesday! I accidentally burned the top of two of Arabella’s fingers on the side of the kettle, it was so awful! and happened so fast! i know babies skin is fragile but i didn’t realise how fragile until this happened. i think i could have put my whole hand on the side of the kettle and thought it was hot but it wouldn’t have burned me and her hand touched for probably less than a second. i felt so guilty! it thankfully is all better now, she had it dressed twice at the burns unit and when i went back the third time six days after the accident, they removed the dressing and said it was healed….praise the Lord!

the whole incident definitely bothered me more than Arabella, she obviously cried when it first happened but by the time i had reached A&E and was booking her in to be seen, she was smiling at everyone at the desk whilst i stood there crying. i work in A&E so it was nice seeing all my work colleagues but i would rather see them for a coffee or a glass of wine than with Belle… obviously. she was also super smiley when we returned to have her dressing changed and a colleague said she probably feels at ease and comfortable because i am at ease because i know the hospital, the staff and how things operate which i thought was interesting maybe true i don’t know. but what i do know is i’m so proud of Arabella for being such a brave girl and I’m so thankful for a brilliant Children’s hospital just down the road. we take for granted how lucky we are to have a specialist children’s hospital in Sheffield. i know sometimes we have to wait for a long time to be seen and things may not go as smooth as we like but to be seen by specialist professionals that only treat children is fantastic and better than we know and realise!

so we are hoping for a better week next week and will be back at swimming yey!

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