Scotland pt 1 the end of September we went to Scotland, Wills has wanted to go for ages now and I kept saying it was the wrong time of year when we had leave. either really cold and too snowy which would be beautiful but make some of the highland roads impassible, or there would be too many midges in the warmer months. after a long wait we finally booked a cottage and headed off on a 6 hour drive with my parents to the lovely harbour village Plockton. i was a little worried about what Arabella would be like with such a long car journey as she previously has been a bit of a screamer in the car, which i found strange as most babies love having a good nap in the car don’t they!? however she was amazing! i did have to sit in the back of the car with her to keep her company which did result in feeling a bit travel sick but i didn’t care if she wasn’t crying! Any tips for going on long car journeys with kiddies welcome in comments below! 

We had such a relaxing week and also had chance to go out for dinner in the evening which was nice, we listened to a live Scottish band which was fun, a lady sat behind me in the pub was really getting into it tapping her feet and tapping her hands away so extravagantly i found it quite funny, however i kind of wanted to join in with her there was something in the music that just wanted to make you get up and swing a complete stranger around. 

Some pics below…

Plockton Harbour

Lovely cove a short walk from our cottage.

Elgol on the Isle of Skye, we took a boat trip to Loch Coruisk! it was absolutely stunning scenery surrounded by the Cuillin mountains. A mountain biker called Danny MacAskill has just done a film called riding the ridge which is filmed here. 

because I knew we would be doing quite a lot of walking in Scotland i decided to rent a sling from sheffield sling library i thought it was brilliant i paid only £5 for 2 weeks rental and that was after i tried on a few of the different slings in the library to see which was the most comfortable. the sleepy nico won for me. 

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