Bircher anyone?

So whilst i was staying with my sister she introduced me to bircher muesli, which she has recently got into as a quick and healthy breakfast. you make it the night before which only takes around five min then pop it into the fridge overnight and then its ready to eat or take with you in the morning. There are heaps of variations to the original recipe so i thought i would try out a couple. i am the worst for not bothering to eat breakfast at all so hopefully having a bircher muesli for breakie will help kick start my metabolism and help me feel energised for the day! 

* 3 tbsp of natural or greek yoghurt
* 1/2 an apple diced or grated 
* 2 tsp of maple syrup or honey  
* a handful of rasberries
* l tsp of linseed  
* 1/2 cup granola
* handful of raisins 
* sunflower seeds 
*half and sliced banana

Mix all the ingredients together and place in the fridge overnight. 

 *1/2 cup of oats 
* 1 cup of almond or coconut milk 
* a handful of raspberries
* handful of blueberries 
* 1/2 sliced banana 
*1 tblsp of honey or maple syrup 
*1 tblsp chia seeds 
*1 tblsp sunflower or pumpkin seeds (or both) 
mix everything together except the blueberries and place in the fridge overnight, then in the morning add the blueberries to the top with any other additional fruit you like. If you like smoother and less lumpy mash banana and raspberries together if your not bothered leave them sliced. 

Note to my AnE colleagues- i was thinking this would be great for first break because you make it the night before and would give us lots of energy for resus or fracture clinic (i do not miss you fracture clinic!) 

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