Tips for travelling with a baby

1. Pack light- i know this seems really obvious but i find i just keep adding things into the pile an extra top here and pair of shoes there, i then find i never end up wearing it because nothing i packed matches. firstly pack in outfits, and secondly pack on two separate days, put all the things out for you and your little one/ones and then another day go through the pile and start reducing it. i reduced the clothes for Arabella (above) by at least half before we left. 
2. Time of travel- we chose a times that we thought would best suit Arabella which were daytime and early evening. some parents love to fly at night as they know their child will sleep all the way and other parents say this would be awful, so it just depends. 
3. Extra leg room if possible splash out on extra leg room if your flying, we weren’t able to do this for the flight to Egypt but i would definitely try and pay for seats with extra leg room in the future especially if the flight was any longer than 5 hours. we were blessed on the flight to Egypt because we were given an extra seat for Arabella. i would have felt very sorry for the person next to us if we hadn’t been given this.
4. Boots top tip from a friend to get all my baby milk, nappies, food and toiletries from Boots pre- order and delivery service. i selected what i needed and had it delivered to terminal 2 Boots airside. therefore its not counted in your weight allowance and you do not have to worry about liquids etc through security. if you choose to do this just make sure you have double checked which terminal you are flying out from to ensure it arrives at exactly the right Boots. 
5. Use your pushchair to the gate- we made sure that we didn’t take any bag that would not fit on the pushchair (stroller) after we had checked in our main bag. so have a trial run before to see which bags fit best. our UppAbaby Cruz has a massive basket on the bottom so it was pretty easy to fit the hand luggage on. you can take your pushchair all the way to the gate, make sure you have a travel bag or big bin bags to protect your pushchair whilst its in the hold. i really regret not doing this as ours came back pretty dirty! 
6. Make friends on the flight- i’m half joking but it makes a big difference if the people around you on the the flight are friendly. Arabella made friends with a family sat next to us and by the end of the flight she was sat on one of their laps being entertained! i wish i had taken a photo because it was quite the picture. 
7. Downloads- before you leave home, download your child’s favourite phone apps or programs onto an iPad or phone. Arabella was a bit young for this but i know the likes of Peppa Pig keeps my nieces entertained for ages! 
8. Take a baby carrier- this was particularly useful at the airport, getting on and off the plane, during the flight and on the beach. obviously its use all depends on what type of holiday you are going on but i would view it as an essential item for us. i rented an Ergo carrier because i find this carrier super comfy, but there are so many different types and some which are more suitable for really hot weather. 
9. Snacks- take plenty….enough said! 
10. Disposable bibs I thought these were going to be really useful as i wouldn’t have to worry about washing a non disposable bib and could put it straight into the bin, however Arabella was at the age where she just ripped it off most of the time ha. i think a bit younger she would have kept it on or a bit older when you could explain to keep it on. 
11. Sterilising tablets- Arabella is coming to age where i can stop sterilising everything….hallelujah! but i did continue to sterilise everything in Egypt as i wanted to ere on the safe side. i just packed a container and used the tablet form of steriliser but there are lots of different kits available. 
12. Try to stay flexible and relaxed….happy travelling folks! 
Extra tips depending on age of child
  • pull on nappies are a lot easier, some aeroplanes do not have a pull down table and if they do its pretty small. 
  • a special treat that they haven’t had or seen before, if you have an older child they may like to listen to a follow along story for example. 
  • most airlines allow your baby 10kg of hand luggage also.
  • you can take over a 100mls of water or pre-made milk in a baby bottle through security. just make up all your bottles as you normally would and give them in at security. 
  • offer your baby a feed during take off, to try and prevent any painful pressure in their ears. 
If you have any other tips/advice that you have found really helpful when travelling with your baby please leave them in the comments so we can all learn from each other. 

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    sunny state up
    April 6, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    How did you do night times kate? Did arabella go to bed later or did you take her out with you? Or go to bed early?

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