^One of Florence’s first pics, she is wearing the same hat the midwife put on Arabella when she was born^




Florence is 6 MONTHS TODAY! where has half a year gone? When Florence made her speedy arrival (nearly in John Lewis) on the 30th of December last year there was so much ahead for us to discover about her, what she likes and dislikes, her personality, her eye colour and then all those mummy things we worry about like how are they going to feed, sleep, nap, cope with their vaccines and for me how is Arabella going to be with a little sister?

Well now she has reached 6 months I know the answers to some of these things. Florence has lots and lots of hair which is often all over the place, she has blue eyes like me, she is a wonderfully smiley baby and will smile when you’re not even looking at her which is just so adorable. She loves to be kissed, she adores her big sister and will laugh at her daily which to be fair isn’t hard as Arabella makes us all smile and laugh on a daily basis. She naps really well in the day, not so well at night yet (early riser) but I’m sure we will get there. She loves to be sang to, and I think she is going to love swimming as she does crazy kicking so much in the bath…actually all the time, I have to keep a close eye on her because she will kick herself off and out of things. What I love though the most is watching how Arabella is with Florence, she is protective when other children pay Florence attention, so loving always showering her with kisses, cuddles and kindness. Often the first word Bells will say upon waking from sleep is Florence which is just the cutest.

I cannot count the amount of times strangers have said to me “wow you have your hands full” and the thing is yes it is busy having two babies 19 months apart but its the best kind of business. I realise people are probably saying this to make me feel better because I look stressed or flustered but even when I have had no sleep I have not regretted for one second having the girls close together and even though I do have my hands full, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. My hands are full with so much joy, love, laughter and fun and I feel so honoured to be their mummy.








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