You know when summer is in full swing when you can go raspberry and strawberry picking! back in July when I was staying at my parents we went with the girls. Whilst mum and dad got fully engrossed in picking, Arabella and I enjoyed eating! The raspberries were mahousive!! Arabella ate so many i’m surprised she wasn’t sick! As soon as I would put some in the basket I would turn my back and two little hands were taking them straight out again, there was not much point in trying to stop her in field full of them, needless to say our basket remained empty! Poor Flo on my back must have felt very left out of all the yummy raspberry eating! If you are thinking of doing a little raspberry picking yourself try making these raspberry friands, disclaimer… I haven’t tried this recipe yet but plan to, they look sooo Β yummy! I may alter the recipe slightly though to avoid using 10 eggs (seems a lot)

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The other night we decided to mix up the bedtime routine and head out into the peaks to have fish and chips in the back of the car. It is so great having the peak district on our doorstep and as Wills and I are not keen walkers we do not tend to get out into the peak district as much as we could to enjoy its amazing beauty.

When it comes to the bedtime routine part of me loves it and part of me dreads it! I love it because most of the time Β its fun, I love watching the kiddos play in the bath, reading them a story, saying prayers and just quietening down after an often busy day. However, I also dread it because it feels like you are doing a lot in a small amount if time! cooking tea, tidying away from tea, bathing, dressing, brushing teeth and physically it just feels quite draining! So it was just what we needed to switch up the bedtime routine and do something a little different between the hours of 5- and 7pm. We bathed the kids super early at 4.30pm and put them in their pjs then headed out. Arabella was excited for a picnic as she had watched an episode of “Bing” where he had had a picnic so she understood and was excited about what we were going to do which was nice. Wills and I wanted there to be a thunder storm but instead it was sunny/overcast which is probably a bit easier than rain.

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